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"Technological way to

  use colors of nature"


  Extruder Lines With Single And Double Screws

  Pipe And Plastics Extruders With Single And Double Screw

  Vacuum Cooling And Calbration Unit

  Belted And Tracked Profile Puller

  Automatic Saw and
Guillotine Cutting Unit

  Figuring Machine

  T.P.V. Gasket Line

  Pad Printing Machine (Tampo-Matic)



A year Warranty

2400 press per hour!

Plug pressing is a newly developed sector in our country and it is applied to various industry products but mostly used in advertising and promotional purposes.

Apex plug press machine SIEMENS PIC system along with LCD screen offers easiness and practical solutions in use.

It provides a comfort for user by the Turkey’s first automatic electronic panel system with mixer of color.

It works in three modes and has got a practical paint reservoir. Also it is very easy to change plate.

It provides easy usage for a-360 –degree- turning-circular tray on x,y,z axis.
It works without vibration via a modern pnomatic system.

Through its experienced technical crew and research section , it can serve customers in a short time.






TMT 150 Single colored press

100 x 100 mm

100 x 120 mm

100 x 150 mm

100 x 200 mm


TMÇ 150 Double colored press

100 x 100 mm

100 x 120 mm







TMT 200 Single colored press

120 x 200 mm

120 x 250 mm

120 x 350 mm


TMÇ 200 Double colored press

100 x 120 mm

100 x 150 mm

120 x 120 mm



TMT 150
Single colored press

TMÇ 150
Double colored press

TMY 150
Round press



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