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"Technological way to

  use colors of nature"


  Extruder Lines With Single And Double Screws

  Pipe And Plastics Extruders With Single And Double Screw

  Vacuum Cooling And Calbration Unit

  Belted And Tracked Profile Puller

  Automatic Saw and
Guillotine Cutting Unit

  Figuring Machine

  T.P.V. Gasket Line

  Pad Printing Machine (Tampo-Matic)




goes on its activities by carrying out the principles of developing technology,improving its capacity of working gradually by the conscious of giving priority to the new developments,strong manufactured goods,spare part and getting in touch stable relations with its customers.

Main principles of our firm are to have productive

and efficient manufacturing, to be creative and to bring innumerable benefits to both community and industry by a reciprocal relation with its corporates through its activities. Our firm has an service effort to realize the demands of its customers with strong and good quality equipments in a brıef time by creating reliable solutions and taking into account the proportion of prize/quality.



Because of that,

our firm always increases the variety of products to provide more kinds of needs of our customers and industry to have them got everything from only one source.We have most of these machines shown in our web site in our stock , also we find the solutions to the special needs of our customers by both designing systems and making cooperations with the trustable producer firms all over the world.

Extruder Lines

Our firm serves with hard , soft PP,PE,PVC,PPR-C, Lines of Silicone Extruder,Mould Technologies, Pipe Mould and callibrators with specific objectives.

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